Organic skincare that makes a difference

Skin Care
What is clean beauty?
In broad terms, clean beauty products are those made without ingredients shown or suspected to harm human health. With clean beauty trending, we need to go beyond simply choosing organic, vegan, and sustainable ingredients. Our products should also care for our environment, selecting high quality ingredients that are ethically sourced, of nonanimal origin, and cruelty-free. Our beauty brands should prioritize ingredients that are biodegradable, don’t have potential to accumulate in animals, and above all, our products should be free of plastics.

Refillable skincare makes a difference!
The beauty industry is reported to produce at least 120 billion pieces of packaging each year. Much is not recyclable as components are too small or consist of multi-layer/multi-component plastics that don’t have a recycling stream. What’s worse is almost nine out of 10 cosmetics products from leading brands contain micro-plastic particles that pose a risk to the environment and human health.

Glass bottles are a great option because they are recyclable, but they are even better when you refill and reuse them! Choosing refillable products isn’t a compromise for an inferior skincare experience. Clean beauty technology has come a long way to be both non-toxic and effective at treating your skin concerns.

We proudly offer refillable organic & vegan products made here on Vancouver Island. We have partnered with Seaflora Skincare, Elate Cosmetics, and Foster Skincare to give you the best options for your beauty routine.